The Malibu Shaman at the Malibu Country Mart, Malibu, CA

The Malibu Shaman is located in Malibu, California in the Malibu Country Mart at Cross Creek. Truly a unique metaphysical bookstore carrying a large assortment of books, music, one-of-a-kind crystals, a large variety of incense, and candles. Many other types of gifts are hand selected including items such as wood carvings of Kuan Yin and Buddha, Shaman masks, Native American Drums, and hand-tuned wind chimes. Come experience our 250 CD Listening Bar where you can listen to music before you buy. We now carry Classic Rock CD's. Relax amongst the crystals and wonderful smells and let yourself drift.

Owned and operated by Scott Sutphen, the Malibu Shaman has been in business in Malibu California since 1983. 
  Please call  (310) 456-5617     Sunday  12PM - 6PM     Saturday  11AM - 6PM     Monday-Friday 11AM - 6PM




We are proud to be carrying Juno Jewelry from the Bay area

Beautiful stones and settings to dazzle your eyes and spirit.


We offer unique crystals from all over the world.

Books always make a nice gift. 

Here are a few titles to embrace.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of Malibu Shaman.  It’s you, my wonderful customers, that keep me excited about my work.  It keeps me growing and evolving…

I think “Growth” is what I’ve been working on the most this year –

 It can be beautiful

It can be hard

It can be very rewarding

It can be life changing…

When you come into the Shaman (or any new age bookstore) you’ve taken the time, energy, and money to say

“I want to have growth”

I want to be positive

I want to receive

I want to do it on my terms

I am willing to compromise

I am worth it

I can change

I want to have transformation

What are you doing to pursue your own

Personal Growth?

The staff here at Malibu Shaman are ready and willing to help in anyway we can… 

Crystals, candles, tools, books and psychic readings are a good place to start.

Thank you all for being part of my Growth!

“Om mani padme hum”

“the jewel in the lotus”

Embrace the struggle to attain the enlightenment

Wishing you the very best for this Holiday and into the coming year.

Peace and Blessings,

Scott Sutphen

Owner Malibu Shaman



All of us here at Malibu Shaman look forward to seeing you !

Come in, visit, and enjoy a psychic reading!

(310) 456-5617


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